Five interesting videos about learning languages

They are all TED talks, which if you aren’t already familiar with, you can read about here.  Please tell us what you think about the videos. We would love to hear your opinions on the topics of the videos. For example, what was the most interesting thing that you learnt?  What surprised you the most? Do you agree or disagree … Read More

Fun English quiz

Find out if you are an English language genius today with our super fun quiz! Answer 10 questions about fun English language facts and curiosities. Share the results with your friends on social media or let us know what score you got in the comment section below. Good luck & have fun everyone!    

Songs with English idioms

We know that learning idioms can be a frustrating process. So this week we wanted to give you a selection of songs that have some great idioms to learn. We hope you enjoy them and more importantly learn some idioms that you can use in your day-to-day English.  Please tell us what you think about the songs and idioms. We … Read More

Six inspirational videos in English