Best online English dictionaries
We were asked about the best online English dictionaries. We have taken a long look at the options and have 6 different recommendations for you.  Hope it helps!

Online dictionaries are really practical. Many will have both a website and an app.  It's important to find a reliable dictionary. It’s difficult to say which is the best online dictionary, because it depends a little on your needs and level of English.  However, there are many excellent dictionaries.  Here we would like to introduce you to ones that we would recommend.

There are two main types of dictionaries, monolingual (English-English) and bilingual (English-mother tongue).  We would generally suggest that if you have a lower level of English, then bilingual dictionaries would be a good idea.   However, if you have a higher level, then you can and should start using monolingual dictionaries.

  • Learner dictionaries – These are a great option because the definitions are written in a simpler form than other dictionaries.
  • Linguee –  This is an excellent resource. It is a bilingual dictionary that shows the translation of the word in context.  We particularly like this because it helps you choose the right translation and see how to use it in a sentence.  In our experience it is better for formal or standard English rather than informal language.
  • Context reverso -  This is a similar idea to linguee. You can get translations in context with real examples.  This website is good for both formal and more informal expressions or vocabulary.
  • Word reference –  This is a popular dictionary and we know many English-learners who are really happy with this resource. It is both a bilingual and monolingual dictionary.
  • Google images
    • This works best for looking up nouns.  The idea is to write the English word in Google images and see the search results.  It’s like a picture dictionary with millions of examples.
  • Urban dictionary - This is a great monolingual dictionary for slang expressions in English.

We would love you hear what you think about these recommendations.  Which ones do you think you will try? Have you used any of them before? What was your experience?

If you have any questions about learning English that you would like us to answer, please contact us.  We are waiting for your message!

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