Guide to writing your blog post

So, you are thinking about writing for our blog. That’s fantastic!
But before you start writing, please take a look at our guide to writing a blog post.


  • There is no real limit or minimum.
  • We would recommend writing between 500 and 1,000 words. This will give you enough words to elaborate your topic or idea fully.


  • We don’t want you to worry too much about writing perfectly. It’s completely normal to make mistakes.
  • Focus on providing interesting contents and expressing your ideas clearly.
  • If you do want help correcting parts of your blog post, then you could use the Lang-8 platform. This is an online platform or native speakers who help correct written work.


  • Include a brief description of yourself:
    • Name
    • Nationality
    • Occupation
    • Why you are learning English

You must NOT:

  • Mention or promote language learning resources or activities.  If you do this, unfortunately we will not be able to publish your blog post.

Topic ideas

  • An important experience that you have had
    • Something that made you happy, grateful or appreciative
    • An experience that changed your life in some way
  • An important person in your life
    • Someone who taught you something important
    • Someone who has been an important support or influence to you
    • Someone who has inspired you
  • An important life lesson that you have learnt
    • Something that you believe about life
    • An experience that taught you something very important
  • A funny anecdote
    • Something funny that has happened to you
    • Something funny that has happened to you related to your English learning
  • An interesting anecdote
    • Something interesting that has happened in your life
  • A trip or adventure
    • A trip that you enjoyed
    • A trip that was surprising
    • A place that went to that you really liked
  • Your country or culture
    • Something interesting or surprising about your country
    • Something interesting or surprising about your culture or customs