Build your vocabulary for spoken English

Great ideas on how you can build your vocabulary for spoken English.

Write your shopping lists in English

Fantastic routine practice to help you think in English. Also great for vocabulary building.

English exercise routine

Read, listen and get fit! Follow online exercise classes and cook healthy recipes in English.

Easy and natural way to improve your speaking

Improve your spoken English. A fantastic activity you can do every day.

Book & film clubs to learn English

Read, listen and chat in English! Join our free clubs and improve your English.

Watch films and series in English

Fanstastic listening practice. Real English and a fun activitiy.

English books to read

Books are fantastic real reading material. It is a fantastic way to improve your English.

Simple idea to use English every day

Changing your settings is an easy way to see and use English every day.

write post-it notes in English

A great activity you can do every day to help improve your English communication.

Write in English

Fantastic way to practise your English communication. Write about your life, thoughts or experiences.

Do something in English every day

Create a daily English routine and really improve your English. Lots of great ideas!

Talk in English for free

Talk to someone via video chat (e.g. Skype) for free. Fantastic speaking practice.