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Tips, ideas and resources for understanding accents in English

Accents can be difficult to understand! Get tips, ideas & resources to you understand accents better.

Tips for listening

Important advice to help you improve your English through listening.

Build your vocabulary for spoken English

Great ideas on how you can build your vocabulary for spoken English.


Discover the science and secrets of learning English!

Why communicate

It’s really important to communicate as much as possible. Discover why here!

The importance of real activities

It’s important to use real material and get real practice. Discover why!

Why read in English?

Reading is an important way to improve your English. Discover why!

The importance of routine activities

It’s important to do frequent and constant English practice. Discover why!

The importance of relevant activities

Do things that are relevant to your life, work, interests and hobbies. Discover why!

Should I watch with or without subtitles?

Discover what’s best: watching a film or series with or without English subtitles.

Listen to improve English

Listening is a important activity to help you improve your English. Discover why!