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It is FREE to use the website. You can see all of our recommendations for activities and advice for free. You can write to us and tell us your problem and we will help you for free. You can join our book and film clubs and participate in discussions for free too. The only thing that isn’t free is the glossary for the selected book or film. These have a small cost to download.
You just need to sign up and fill in the short form. Then you will have access to the discussion groups for both the book and film clubs. You can decide when and in which groups to participate.
This is a difficult question to answer, because it will depend on your different English skills: reading, listening and communicating. Also it will depend on the book or film that is selected. You might find some books or films easier or more difficult than others. In general, we would recommend that you try it yourself to see if it is not too difficult for you.
We have a Dr English service to help answer questions about how to learn English. This service is to help you discover the best way of learning and to find the best methods, activities and resources for particular tasks. However, we don’t answer specific questions about vocabulary or grammar for example: What’s the difference between the present perfect and past perfect? Or what’s the difference between raise and rise?
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