Simple idea to use English every day


What language are your mobile, computer, tablet, MP3 player, car stereo and TV in at the moment?  Probably not English, right?  Here we are going to tell you why and how to change the settings on your electronic devices to English.


  • How many times do you check your mobile every day? This is a really easy way of getting daily contact with English.
  • It is a great way to learn and consolidate new vocabulary.
  • It's a regular way to connect with English and it will give you daily moments to develop an  internal monologue in English, which is important speaking practice.


The internet is the best place to look for instructions on how to change the language on your electronic devices.

WikiHow is a great place to look.  Here are their instructions for how to change the langauge on your mobile phone.


It doesn’t matter what level of English you have, you can easily learn to navigate your electronic devices in English.  It won’t take a lot of time to get used to it.