read, listen and build your vocabulary


Here we will introduce you to the best resources to make cooking become a part of your English routine, and help you improve your English.


Websites - This website has loads of great recipes of all types.
BBC food - This website has loads of interesting recipes by top chefs in a well-organised website.
Recipe Puppy – This is an interesting search-engine style website where you can search for recipes based on ingredients you have. They also have an App.
Health food guide – This is an interesting website. It doesn’t have recipes, but it does tell you what food to eat depending on how you’re feeling.
YouTube channels 
All recipes - This channel has great videos with clear accents.
Jaime Oliver - The videos are dynamic and Jamie Oliver has a great chatty style.
Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana - This channel has great Indian recipes and the presenter has a really interesting English accent to listen to. It might take some time for you to adapt, but it is important to listen to a wide variety of English accents.
Perfect Produce (iOS Android) - This app tells you how to buy, store and use fruits and vegetables making it easy and fun to eat healthily and improve your English.
Food planner  (iOS, Android)- An app to plan your meals and do your shopping list.


  • Cooking is a fun and enjoyable activity that you can do in English, either by yourself or with friends or family. We learn better when we are doing something which is  relevant to us and is a real use of the language.
  • It is a fantastic way of practicing reading (with recipes), listening (with instructive videos) and speaking (if you cook together with someone else).
  • It is also a fantastic example of using English as a  tool for achieving another goal. In this case you are using English to create new and delicious food.


Cooking is a great activity for all levels. Even if you have a low level of English you can find some resources for you. You could start by reading simple recipes in English.