Easy songs to listen to in English


There is so much great English music to listen to, but it’s really important to choose the right songs.  Lots of songs are difficult to understand even for native English speakers. It’s totally normal that you can’t understand all the songs you listen to. There are lots of great songs that you will be able to understand.  Listening to music doesn’t have to be a frustrating activity. This is why we have created a selection of great songs which are easy to understand.


  • We have created a selection of songs that are easy to understand. They are a selection of different singers, genres and tempos. We’re sure that you’ll find some that you love to listen to.
  • You can find our selection on our YouTube channel or simply watch them here below.


  • Listening to music is a fantastic activity for improving your English.
  • Songs have important and useful vocabulary, expressions and patterns for everyday English.
  • Listening to songs is a fun activity that you can do as a part of your English routine.
  • It’s important to listen at your level. We are sure that you will find something at your level.


These songs are specifically chosen for lower levels.  But of course anyone can listen to them, because they are all great songs!