Apps for learning English vocabulary


Here we would like to introduce you to some fun vocabulary apps.  They are games that native English speakers play, just for fun.  But here we would like to recommend them to you as a way of expanding your vocabulary in a fun and more natural way.


  • 4 pics 1 word (Android, iOS) This app is great fun. You are shown 4 pictures are you have to guess what they have in common and write that word.  You are also given all the letters and spaces you need for the word. The vocabulary that you need is quite basic so this app is great for anyone with a pre-intermediate level.
  • 94% (Android, iOS) The objective of this game is to find the 94% of the given answers. You are given a picture or a statement and you have to think of the answers that other people have given.  For example: "Something you eat with your hands.” What would you say? Hamburger? Popcorn? Hot dog? It can be quite difficult at times so we would recommend this one for intermediate levels or higher. If you can't think of the answer, you can get clues or you can look for the answers in Google!!
  • Chicktionary (Android) This is a really fun app! You are given a set of letters and you need to create all the words possible with them.
  • Word search (Android, iOS) Word searches have always been a popular activity. You basically need to find the words that are hidden among lots of other letters.


  • It’s important to do fun English activities. Enjoying is an important element of learning.
  • You can use them to fill in time during your daily routine: on transport, or waiting for something or someone.
  • They’re free!


We would recommend these apps to anyone with a pre-intermediate level or higher.  Try them out and see if they suit your level of learning.  Remember, it will be completely normal that you don’t know all the words!  In fact, this is best because it will force you to learn new ones.