English exercise routine


Using English as a tool to reach another goal is really effective in improving your English.  So why not use English to get fit and healthy!  Here we are going to give you some ideas and resources so that you do exercise and eat healthily through the help of English.


  • Listen to something in English while exercising
  • Do online fitness classes in English
    •  BeFit - This is a YouTube channel from Livestrong. It has loads of different workouts which require litte equipment.  It has 30-day workout plans that combine different types of workout.  Also they have interesting “Quick Tips” to teach you the proper form for each exercise.
    • DietHealth - This is a YouTube fitness channel that has workout videos, quick nutrition tips, healthy recipes and motivational videos to help you keep your exercise routine.
  • Cook healthy food in English – as you can probably imagine there are lots of English recipe sites and videos for healthy food.



Anyone can get fit in English.  The fitness videos are a great idea if you have a lower level, because there is clear visual context.  You can basically just follow what you see.  Also there are podcasts and music for all levels of English that you can listen to while exercising.  Finally, we’re sure that no matter your level, you can find some recipes that you can follow.