Ideas for listening to music in English


Here we will introduce you to some great resources for listening to music. You can find music of all genres in English.  Try something new or listen to your favourite songs.


You can find great music resources in the following places:

  • Our YouTube channel - We have created some playlists with music of different levels. We have selected different genres and great artists. We're sure you'll find some fantastic songs for your level there.
  • Radio Garden - This is an interesting and innovative project where you can navigate the map of the world listening to local radio stations. We would recommend that you visit the English-speaking countries to find some great real-life English to listen to.
  • Tune in radio – With tune in radio you can listen to radio stations from all over the world. You can search by location or by genre.  With millions of stations to choose from, we’re sure that you’ll find many to listen to in English. You can also download the app.
  • Lyrics training - This is a fantastic website. It has a selection of great songs. They indicate whether the English is American, British or Canadian etc.  You can either choose karaoke option (video with lyrics) or gap-fill option, which has 4 different levels (from beginner to expert).  The website is really easy to use and feels modern.
  • Tefl tunes  - This is not a website where you can listen to music, nor is it a website for students. It’s a site for English teachers!  But it’s also very handy for you.  If you’re not sure what songs would be good to listen to for your level, you can get a good idea from this site.  You can filter the catalogue of songs that they have by level and see which songs they recommend.  Then you could look for that song on a download site or watch it on YouTube.
  • Lyrics - When you find a song that you want to listen to, why not find the lyrics and sing along! Here is just one of many websites where you can find lyrics for millions of songs.


  • Listening to songs and singing them takes advantage of our naturally strong links between music and memory.
  • Research has found that singing words or short phrases in a foreign language as a part of your learning routine can make you a better speaker in that language (Ludke, Ferreira & Overy, 2014)
  • Songs have important and useful vocabulary, expressions and patterns for everyday and colloquial English.


This activity is for anyone and everyone!  Just make sure you choose the right level for you.  Find out how to do that here.