Beginner to pre-intermediate listening


Here we will give you some ideas of listening resources for lower levels of English.


  • Easy English songs - There are many songs in English that you can listen to. We have made a YouTube playlist of easy English songs.
  •  Podcasts
    • Podcasts in English - We really recommend this website. They have 3 different levels of podcasts. It is really well organised and it’s so easy to use and find the right level for you.
    • Culips – This website has simplified audios with a slower speed.
  • Voice of America (VOA) Special English Broadcast - VOA has specific programmes with limited vocabulary and short sentences. The speech is quite slow too.
  • Lyrics training - This is a fantastic website to listen to English songs. It has a selection of great songs. It has a gap-fill activity for low levels.
  • Change English - This is a YouTube channel that has low level (0, 1 and 2) audio books. All of the books have clear and slow speech and you can read at the same time if you want.
  • Cartoons for young children. They have clear accents and simple English.  YouTube is an easy place to find lots of episodes from children’s cartoons.  We would recommend:
    • Peppa Pig
    • Dora the Explorer
    • Poco Yo


  • Listening is an important activity to help you build your English.
  • It’s really important to choose the right level for you.


These resources should be good for low levels. But remember, the most important thing is to find the right level for you.  So try as many different resources as possible until you find something perfect for you.