Fun English reading


This is an interesting resource that we found on YouTube.  Each video is about a different murder mystery.  You read the information given to you and pay attention to details in the images.  Then you have to solve the murder mystery based on the evidence presented to you in the video.  The answers are given on a separate link to the video.


You can easily find them on YouTube by searching The murder mystery game.  We have also created a playlist on YouTube with some of the murder mysteries. We chose a variety of different cases: some short, some long, different themes and varied vocabulary. We hope you enjoy them!


  • This is a great way to practice your reading. It is really fun.
  • It makes you really need and want to understand what you’re reading so that you can find out who the murderer is!  They are actually quite addictive.
  • Each mystery is generally quite short. Some have more text than others.
  • It is a great activity to do with friends or family too.


We would recommend these if you have an intermediate level or higher, because some of the language is quite specific.  Also, you really need to understand details to be able to solve some of the cases.