Listen to fantastic songs in English


Playing For Change originated from the common belief that music has the power to connect people no matter their differences. With a mobile recording studio, cameras and small crew, they travel around the world filming musicians in their natural environments and spreading peace through music. In order to give back to the communities of the musicians they've met, they founded the Playing For Change Foundation, a separate non-profit organization whose mission is to create positive change through music and arts education. Together, they began a journey to change the world one song and one heart at a time.



  • Playing For Change has a great selection of songs that are not too fast.
  • You will hear a variety of singers and accents from all around the world.
  • Music is a really powerful way of improving your English. Listening to songs and singing them takes advantage of our naturally strong links between music and memory.
  • Research has found that singing words or short phrases in a foreign language as a part of your learning routine can make you a better speaker in that language (Ludke, Ferreira & Overy, 2014).
  • Songs have important and useful vocabulary, expressions and patterns for everyday and colloquial English.


We would recommend this resource if you like practicing English through music and if you have a pre-intermediate level or higher. Some songs are easier than others so keep listening until you find one that is the right level for you.

We want to state here that Playing For Change are not an owner, sponsor or operator of this site. The recommendation to use their music as English practice is completely ours.