Best English podcasts


Here we are going to introduce you to our selection of best ESL podcasts.  If you are not already familiar with podcasts, these are digital audio or video recordings that can be downloaded from a website to a media player or computer.


  • Podcasts in English
    • We really recommend this website. It is really well organised and it’s so easy to use and find the right level for you.  There are loads of interesting topics to choose from.
  • Luke’s English podcast
    • This is an interesting podcast website. We like this one because of its radio-programme style.  Luke has a really clear accent and his programmes are a conversational style with real natural speech.
  • RealLife Global
    • Here you will find over a hundred interesting podcasts of conversations between native English teachers and speakers. They are real-life conversations and topics. Great practice of real English!
  • Deep English
    • On this site you can find some free podcasts in their blog. You would have to pay to access more. The great thing about this site is that they give you three speeds for each podcast: normal, fast and slow.  This means that if you don't understand it at one speed, you can listen to it at a slower speed! We think that is a great feature.
  • The British Council – the British Council has some great resources. We would like to introduce you to two here.  We think they are both examples of engaging and interesting listening material
    • Word on the street series - This is a great video podcast series co-produced by the BBC. You can learn English words as the hosts explore British culture around the UK
    • Big City Small World - This is a soap opera style series of short audio episodes that introduce everyday topics and situations. The interesting thing about this series is that it has an important mixture of native and non-native English accents.
  • The BBC has great quality podcasts. We would like to recommend two particular programmes here:
    • 6 minute English - These are weekly episodes, each one 6 minutes long, which introduce useful English language for everyday situations.
    • Drama - These are dramas especially adapted or made for English language learners. The drama is told over a series of episodes.  Each episode is between 6 and 10 minutes long.
  • Voice of America (VOA)
    • VOA has loads of podcasts about a variety of topics. They also have a specific programme which is great if you have a  low level of English.
  • English class 101
    • This is a great free resource. They have something for all levels: from beginner to advanced. We are sure you would find something to suit your level.
  • Slow English
    • If you are interested in listening to an Australian accent, then we would suggest this website.  The host talks about various topics related to Australian culture in a slower than normal English.


  • Podcasts are normally quite short, which means you can introduce them into your daily routine very easily.
  • They are downloadable, so you can listen or watch anywhere without needing to have connection to the internet.
  • There is a huge variety of styles and topics to choose from. We are certain that you will find the right style and level for your English listening needs.


Anyone of any level of English can enjoy the benefits of listening to ESL podcasts.  In fact you can find many podcast for elementary levels.  You just have to find the right material for your level.  You can read our advice on how to do that here.