write post-it notes in English


Post-it notes are small coloured pieces of paper.  They are used for short messages and can be stuck temporarily to something else.


Here we are going to talk specifically about a way of introducing post-it notes into your daily routine.  The idea is to use post-it notes to help you to start an inner monologue in English.  You can use post-it notes in three ways:

  1. Write a single word or phrase that you find difficult to use or remember, for example ‘recognise’. Then make sentences in your mind or have a little conversation with yourself trying to use that word as much as possible.  Always use the word in context, instead of just repeating the single word again and again.
  2. Write the name of a topic, for example ‘Olympic sports’. Then have a mental conversation with yourself about that topic.
  3. Write a structure that you find difficult to master, for example the second conditional. Ask yourself as many questions as possible with that structure and answer them too! Make sure that you write a model question and answer on the post-it and that the grammar is correct.


As you can probably imagine you can literally put them anywhere.  Here are some places that we would recommend.

  • In the bathroom. You can put the post-it on the bathroom mirror and while brushing your teeth every day you can have this inner monologue in English.
  • On transport. Put the post-it on something that you would normally look at when you’re on the bus, train or underground.  For example, you could put it on a book.
  • On the fridge door. You can put a post-it on the fridge door so that every time you open the fridge to get something you have to ask a question or make a sentence in your mind.


  • It's a great way to practise English daily.
  • They are really versatile. You can use them in many different ways.
  • They are cheap!


Anyone can use post-it notes.  It doesn’t matter what level you have.