Ask questions about English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.


Here we would like to introduce you to a fantastic free app: HiNative.  It is a great online platform where you can ask native speakers questions you have about the English language.

  • You can post a voice question and get feedback about how natural you sound.
  • You can find out how to say words in English.
  • You can ask grammar questions.
  • You can even find out about cultural aspects of English speakers.
  • In exchange for the help you receive you should check the questions being asked about your native language and answer them. It’s a  free language exchange service.


  • It’s a great place to find the answers you are looking for about vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.
  • You get fast answers to your questions.
  • It’s free!



  • It doesn’t matter what level you have, you can find the answer to your questions here.