Watch and listen to real-life stories in English


Here we would like to tell you about a wonderful resource called Story Corps.  It is an organisation that shares the stories of people’s lives in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.  On their website you will find very interesting stories about real situations and people.  These stories reflect importance of relationships, the beauty of humanity and the uniqueness of people and their lives.


You can find all their material on their website.


  • It is great practice for listening.
  • You can hear a variety of different voices with very natural speech.
  • The style is just as if the speakers were having a conversation and you were there listening to them.
  • The topics are all based on real life. So this is great practice for real communication.
  • There are also transcripts available for the audio stories and subtitles for the videos.


We would recommend this website if you have an upper intermediate level or higher.