Should I watch with or without subtitles?

Why watch without subtitles

  • Watching without subtitles is like taking your ear to the gym.  You are training it to adapt to and understand the different sounds and patterns of the language.
  • It will help you ‘hear’ the vocabulary that you already know, regardless of the person and accent that says it.
  • Being able to understand the vocabulary you know in a large variety of accents is really important, because this is what will help you in the real world when you’re talking with people.
  • There are no subtitles in the real world!
  • But remember the golden rule. Only watch material that you can understand the general context of.  If you are watching a movie and you don’t understand anything, then it’s like going to the gym and trying to lift weights that you’re not ready for.  It will only frustrate you and waste your time!

Why watch with subtitles

  • Subtitles can be useful when you haven’t watched many movies in English.  It will help you identify the words you know and match them with the sounds you hear.
  • When you have a higher level of English, using subtitles can help you learn new vocabulary because you can see the words that you don’t know and then be able to note them down.
  • Be aware that using subtitles can be distracting, and can lead you to read more than listen.
  • A good idea is to watch the video twice, the first time with subtitles, then the second time without.