Interesting videos in English


TED is a non-profit organisation with the mission to spread ideas. TED talks are dynamic conferences given by a wide variety of people on a range of topics concerning the research and practice of science and culture.  The speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in an innovative and engaging way.  You can also find TEDx talks, which are independently organised talks by local speakers to local audiences.


We have created a few YouTube playlists of TED speakers with different accents: British, American and other global English accents.

British accents
American accents
Global English accents


  • The presentations are extremely interesting and innovative. You can learn about so many interesting topics. You will definitely find videos which are relevant to you.
  • The presentations are really dynamic, which makes them engaging. This means that it captures your attention and makes it easier to follow.
  • The speech is generally clear because the speaker’s goal is to communicate his/her ideas.
  • You can watch the videos with English subtitles if you want. There are also transcripts available.


We highly recommend TED talks to everyone from a pre-intermediate level onwards.  This is because you will find talks on so many topics that we are sure that you’ll find videos which are great for your level and relevant to your learning.  Also, with the help of the transcripts and subtitles it makes them even more accessible.