The importance of routine activities


  • It is essential to do frequent and constant exercise.
  • According to neurolinguistic research, learning a second language is essentially a process of creating habits.
  • You need to frequently communicate and read and listen to English so that the brain is able to detect underlying regularities, develop neuronal connections and record it all in you procedural memory (Paradis, 2004; Ellis, 2011 as cited in Netten & Germain, 2012).
  • Then you will be able to understand and communicate spontaneously, without thinking or translating.


However, the biggest problem we have in the 21st century is time.  We don’t seem to have enough of it. How can you frequently communicate, listen and read in English if you don’t have time?

You don’t need EXTRA time to learn English.  You need to change your existing daily habits and routines into English.  You need to do what you would normally do in your daily life, but do it in English. And find moments in your day that are convenient to do some English exercise.

Take a look here for some ideas of how to introduce English into your routine.