Tips for listening

Choose the right level

It’s really important to find the right level of material so that you can benefit from the activity and learn naturally from the context.

Choose the right style

If you are going to watch a film or series remember that not all styles of movies and series will help you. Make sure you choose the best style for you. Take a look at our recommended films and series to help you choose the best material for you.

Listen regularly

It's really important to listen regularly.   You should try to listen to something for at least 30 minutes every day.

Listen to a variety of material

It’s important to listen to a variety of different speakers, situations and accents.  You don’t want to only be able to understand a few people in just a few situations.
- Listen to different types of material: podcasts, films and series, YouTube videos, music, TED talks and Story Corps videos.
- Follow our blog for loads of great listening material, including videos and songs.

It's normal that you don't understand

It’s completely natural that you don’t understand everything. In fact, this means that it’s the right listening level for you. You don’t need to understand all the words to be benefitting greatly from the activity of listening. So don’t worry about it. Just keep going and enjoy.

Keep a notebook

Sometimes, you might hear something interesting while listening. If you like how it sounds, it really helps to repeat it. After saying it out loud a while, you will be able to remember it for a longer time. It’s a great and enjoyable exercise.