Read in English every day


Here we will give you some great ideas for how to use Twitter as reading practice and an excellent way of introducing English into your day-to-day life.


  • News – It’s a great idea to follow the news on Twitter.  The language is normally clear, direct and understandable.
  • Interesting facts – There are lost of accounts that offer really interesting, strange or unbelievable facts. It is a great way to practice reading because it will be quite standard English.
  • Inspirational phrases – There are quite a few accounts that tweet daily inspirational phrases. These are not only good practice of English, but are great for personal motivation and growth.  Here are some that we would recommend
  • History – If you enjoy history, you can follow news about what happened today at some time in the past.


  • Twitter is a maximum of 140 characters, which means that you can read something interesting or useful easily and quickly when you have a little free time.
  • Since it’s quick to read you can fit it into your daily routine: when travelling on public transport, taking a break at work, waiting for a friend etc.
  • There are so many Twitter accounts with interesting and understandable information in English.


Twitter is for anyone and everyone!  Because of its short format, interesting content and frequent posts it is a fantastic way for you to introduce regular reading in English into your normal daily routine.