Good apps for learning English vocabulary


There are lots of vocabulary apps available nowadays. We would like to tell you about some useful apps for practising and, therefore, remembering vocabulary.

The apps

  • English hub - (Android iOS) - This is a great app for seeing and hearing vocabulary in context. The most natural way of learning vocabulary is through context. With this app you type in a word that you want to practice and you can read and listen to the word in different sentences and with different accents.
  • Pablo: no more flashcards – (Android) - This is an interesting app for remembering and practising your vocabulary. You basically create your own dictionary by adding words or phrases (text, voice and translation) to lists.  You then receive reminders and quizzes from the app related to the vocabulary in your lists.
  • Anki (Android iOS) - Anki is a Spaced Repetition System (SRS) app that shows you information periodically so that you don’t forget it.  You can create your own lists of vocabulary or use the ones already created. The app shows you a word to remember.  You then press to check the answer and you have to decide how easy the word was for you to remember.  There are three categories: easy, OK and show me again.  The app's algorithm will then decide which words to show you again and when.  The words you found more difficult will appear sooner than the other words.


  • Learning vocabulary can be a difficult and frustrating task.
  • These apps can help you build a routine of vocabulary practise and help you remember words and phrases better.
  • They are a great accompaniment to other activities for building your English vocabulary, such as reading and listening.


These apps are great for all levels, because the vocabulary you practise will depend on your level.