Great English resources for watching the news


Here we will introduce news-related listening resources for second-language learners.  These are videos that have been specifically adapted or simplified so that they are more understandable to students.


  • Voice of America (VOA) - Here you will find a variety of resources. Among them are audios (downloadable) and videos about current news events.
  • BBC learning English – Words in the news - Here you will find videos about current affairs.  Each video introduces words that you will find in that news topic and then reads the news to you.
  • NYTimes - This is the learning English section of the New York Times. Here you will find interesting current affairs videos to watch.


  • Watching news-related resources is great practice of English listening because they are about important topics that you would normally discuss in your own language.
  • These ESL resources simplify the sometimes difficult task of understanding the news in English. They will usually speak a lot slower and use a more simplified vocabulary.


We would recommend these resources for students with lower levels.  If you have an upper-intermediate level or above then check out our other recommendations for news-related listening activities.