Watch the news in English


Here we will tell you about current affairs listening resources for native speakers that would be good for you.


  • Newsround - This is a great resource because it is the BBC news website for children and adolescents. That means that they take important news stories about explain them in a simpler way.  You will find videos on four topics: news, sports, entertainment and animals.  The videos are generally short and clear.
  • Euronews - On this website you can either watch live news or watch short videos about current topics in the news. What we like about this website is that you will often find a variety of accents. Specifically, you can hear non-native speakers reading the news in English.
  • BBC video page - This page gives you the best of the BBC news in videos. The videos are short and the accents are clear.
  • Huffpost live - Here you can watch a wide variety of news and entertainment videos.


  • It is good to have a variety of resources to listen to and you will find many news resources for native speakers.
  • The news is a great place to find clear and understandable national accents to practise listening to.
  • Also it’s good to listen to authentic English. That is, the real English that native speakers would listen to.


We would recommend these resources if you have an upper intermediate level or higher.   If you have a lower level than this, you could try Newsround or resources for second language learners.