Why communicate

Why communicate in English

Speaking is essential if you want to be able to speak spontaneously and naturally without thinking or translating from your mother tongue.

  • Networks of neuronal connections are essential for this type of natural speech.
  • Your brain is able to detect regularities in the language and develops neuronal connections based on these.
  • To build these neuronal connections you need to use and re-use structures over and over again so that they are well-established in your procedural memory.
  • The patterns are developed without any conscious attention. They are simply the result of the frequency of use of the structures in real communication.

Learn more than just English

  • Communicating in English gives you the chance to be able to speak to over 300 million native speakers and many million more second language speakers in the world.
  • You can make new friends.
  • You can learn about new cultures and ideas that you can’t learn from a book.