Listen to improve English

Why listen to English

  • Listening is a natural way to learn English
  • It is one of the three areas of exercise that you should do in your English gym training.
  • By listening regularly to English your brain is able to detect underlying regularities and develop neuronal connections.
  • These connections are recorded by your procedural memory.
  • This then allows you to communicate spontaneously, without thinking or translating from your mother tongue. (Paradis, 2004; Ellis, 2011 as cited in Netten & Germain, 2012).

Learn more than just English

  • Listening to material in English opens you up to the world, to new ideas and cultures.
  • Most material is really enjoyable. Films, series and documentaries are great ways to relax and have fun.
  • You can share the activity with other people. You can go to the cinema with friends, or watch a series at home with your family. You can also share with our growing international community in our film club.