Why read in English?

Why read in English

Reading is a natural way to learn English in context.

  • It is one of the three areas of exercise that you should do in your English gym training.
  • By reading regularly to English your brain is able to detect underlying regularities and develop neuronal connections. These connections are recorded by your procedural memory.
  • The brain can remember more when it sees things. Reading actively involves the visual cortex in the learning process and, therefore, helps you remember vocabulary and consolidate grammar.

Learn more than just English

Reading is a highly enjoyable and relaxing activity.

  • You can move at your own pace - you can read as slowly or as quickly as you want.
  • It is a great way to share with other people.  You can share your views, ideas, interpretations enjoyment or disappointment.
  • Finishing a book is extremely satisfying and is great for motivation.
  • Books help you get more immersed in English, its culture, society and the history of the countries where they speak it.