Write in English


We want you, whatever your level, to write a post for our blog.  The blogs can be long or short.   It doesn't matter.  It's all great communication practice.

We want you to write something about yourself, your life, your thoughts or your experiences.

Do not worry too much about making mistakes in your writing.  The most important thing is that you express yourself as clearly as possible so that we can all benefit from your ideas and experience.

Please read our short guide to writing your blog entry.  It will tell you what to include and give you ideas on what to write about.


  1. Write your blog post.
  2. Send it to us.
  3. We will post it as soon as we can on our blog page.


  • Writing a blog post is great practice of real communication.
  • It gives you a chance to share your opinions and your ideas with the world.


Anyone can write for our blog.  It doesn’t matter what level you have.  We’re sure that you will be able to communicate something interesting that can benefit others.