Write your shopping lists in English


This is a simple way of integrating English into your normal routines.  When you are preparing to go to the supermarket, instead of writing your shopping list in your mother tongue, write it in English.

  • But don’t just think of the items in your mother tongue, then translate them into English and write a list.
  • This is more than vocabulary practice.  This is practice for thinking in English.
  • So when you are sitting down with that paper and pen everything you think should be in English, for example ‘What do I need for dinner on Sunday?’,  ‘Do we need more milk?” and  “We have enough flour to make the cake.”


  • This is great practice for key food or home-related vocabulary.
  • It’s also good practice of quantifiers (e.g. packet, bottle, bag, loaf etc.) and countable and uncountable nouns.
  • But most importantly, it is perfect regular practice of connecting to English and thinking in English. It is a way of reinforcing and using that important inner monologue in English.


You can do this at any level.  If you have a low level, you will probably need a dictionary with you at first.  But it is totally possible for everyone to do.